Thursday, January 13, 2011

Useless Home Upgrades Cont.

I'm in on this shit...

If installing a moat, bypass the bridge and just hire a scary looking guy like The Undertaker to "ferry" people across. 

Indoor waterfall, lazy river, sweet pool and grotto: the waterfall would be in the entry way of the house and the lazy river would spiral throughout, exiting into the backyard and finishing off into another waterfall that spills into a pool. Behind this waterfall is a hot tub, similar to the features of the playboy mansion's grotto

Ghost town with Saloon: saw this on Dale Earnhart Jr's Cribs episode. He had a full on old west "ghost town" complete with a Saloon that had a bar and game room. 

Look Out tower w/ R. Lee Ermy: this is based on previous entries. For those who want to protect their property, you can station yourself up there with a paintball gun, cannon, or M16 assault rifle and really keep people off your lawn. When you wanted to come down, R. Lee would get up there and "show" people his war face. 

Indoor wind tunnel parachute thing: perhaps in order to get into the house you have to get in it and shoot yourself up. 

The possibilities are endless!!!


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